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Personal Cold Remedy

Everyone seems be having colds recently so I would like to share a personal remedy specially if you are feeling like there is some sort of “Itchy, tingly, sticky feeling” on the upper inside of your throat and you feel … Continue reading

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A movie I really want to watch…

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All Hail Le Louch! All Hail Britania! I always thought Le Louche lives… The makers of Code Geass left a lot of ingenious clues in the TV season, images they’ve shown everywhere, and how they generally acted during interviews and … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Time, Humans,and the Mind….

In this post, I would like to state that the human brain is one compact computer. Very advanced and intricate. I wish to write my reflections down on paper because I really believe them to be true. Maybe a scientist … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the World…

What can I share this Christmas? I don’t have much in the money department at the moment so gifts aren’t really an option for me… What do I have that I can give to other people that they can appreciate… … Continue reading

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A valid way to earn $5 in 3-4 days

Hmm… if you are looking for a way to earn a little extra cash and like to leave messages in forums, why not try this part-time money making work? I’ve tried it out and earned my $5 in 3 days. … Continue reading

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Protected: Some Photoshop editing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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More Photoshop Logos…

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I’m placing this here because Facebook Doesn’t seem to work… hmm… Will remove this once i’m sure the FB copy is up and running… 🙂 Please pardon the black/dark background when you view it here (I can’t edit WordPress’ default … Continue reading

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People, Places, Organizations, to look out for

A lot of organizations today have practices that outright and openly not follow the laws in our country. A lot of people also find ways to take advantage of the good nature of people. Sad to say we live in … Continue reading

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