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Stayin’ Alive – Keeping Your Data Safe During Disaster with Azure

Watch this webcast to learn more about how Azure can augment (or replace) your existing backup and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. For more information on Microsoft Azure solutions for nonprofits, contact us today. Read More…

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10 Myths On Moving To The Cloud

“10 Myths On Moving To The Cloud” helps nonprofits unpack what they really need to know by revealing 10 common misconceptions about moving to Microsoft Office 365. Each myth is countered by the truth and benefits of moving applications to a hosted solution. To learn how Microsoft Office 365 cloud solutions can make a measurable difference for your organization, contact us today. Continue reading


Personal Cold Remedy

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Everyone seems be having colds recently so I would like to share a personal remedy specially if you are feeling like there is some sort of “Itchy, tingly, sticky feeling” on the upper inside of your throat and you feel … Continue reading

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A movie I really want to watch…

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All Hail Le Louch! All Hail Britania! I always thought Le Louche lives… The makers of Code Geass left a lot of ingenious clues in the TV season, images they’ve shown everywhere, and how they generally acted during interviews and … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Time, Humans,and the Mind….

In this post, I would like to state that the human brain is one compact computer. Very advanced and intricate. I wish to write my reflections down on paper because I really believe them to be true. Maybe a scientist … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the World…

What can I share this Christmas? I don’t have much in the money department at the moment so gifts aren’t really an option for me… What do I have that I can give to other people that they can appreciate… … Continue reading

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A valid way to earn $5 in 3-4 days

Hmm… if you are looking for a way to earn a little extra cash and like to leave messages in forums, why not try this part-time money making work? I’ve tried it out and earned my $5 in 3 days. … Continue reading

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Protected: Some Photoshop editing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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More Photoshop Logos…

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I’m placing this here because Facebook Doesn’t seem to work… hmm… Will remove this once i’m sure the FB copy is up and running… 🙂 Please pardon the black/dark background when you view it here (I can’t edit WordPress’ default … Continue reading

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People, Places, Organizations, to look out for

A lot of organizations today have practices that outright and openly not follow the laws in our country. A lot of people also find ways to take advantage of the good nature of people. Sad to say we live in … Continue reading

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