Best Time Tracking Software 2020 | TimeDoctor™

The best Time Tracking software for Employees and Employers is TimeDoctor from Time Doctor, LLC … It is as SaaS platform that allows Employers to monitor what applications an employee is using, how long they are doing a task and organize all tasks in the organization. Employees can also self regulate their times and edit their time based on their work done. It also has a lot of reporting and configurable features that can fit any organization’s policies and culture. I highly recommend you install it on your mobile phone and your computer to be most efficient in timing your tasks. Like any software, it has its bugs so to be sure you keep track of all the time you’ve spent working, use both. Phone and Laptop/Desktop. If all else fails, you can still edit your time but need to justify it with proper reason.

How do I know this? I’ve been using TimeDoctor for 6 years now as an Administrator and an employee. And if you are looking for the best paid SaaS apps in its class… then this is the perfect choice.

Alternatives to TimeDoctor

If you are a freelancer looking for a free solution that gives the minimum features needed to track your time, ToggleTimer is your best bet. It is light weight and does what is intended. It is difficult to find a good Android app for it but “Toggl Track” does the job.

There are many more others out there but these two work best for me.

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