Personal Cold Remedy


Everyone seems be having colds recently so I would like to share a personal remedy specially if you are feeling like there is some sort of “Itchy, tingly, sticky feeling” on the upper inside of your throat and you feel like your nose is starting to build mucous… in short… if you’re starting to feel like a cold or cough is coming along:

*Modified Breathing Technique (with the aim inconvenience organisms that use oxigen)

1. breathe in deeply and relax. Exhale slowly. (x2)
2. Breathe in quickly (Inhale through nose or mouth) for 2 seconds.
3. Hold your breath by covering your nose with two fingers (whichever you like) and have one nostril only partially covered and exhale slowly via your nose for 30 seconds(you can start with 10 seconds then exhale for longer periods of time: 15,20, 25 until you can comfortably reach a 30 second exhale)
4. Repeat numbers 2-3 for up to 5-10 minutes (until you feel something change)
5. after about 10 minutes, breathe normally.

What does this do? It may make your nose/throat stop itching, and it opens up your nose to be able to inhale more oxigen.

*Gargling salt

1. GARGLE water with salt in it.
2. After gargling with salt water, mix a little salt with a table spoon of water and drink that.

What does this do? it kills germs in your mouth and throat

*Expelling phlem

1. Go to your faucet.
2. Expel as much phlegm as possible and wash yourself clean with water.

Why? well because no one likes phlem/mucous clogging their nose/throat.

Tea*Drink something alkaline or drink pinneapple juice

1. Make yourself some green tea or veggie juice.
2. Drink it, you must.
3. If nothing is available, try drinking Unsweetened Pinneapple juice (A-C-E variant) to help your body fight off the infection.

Why? I want you to get well. I know it doesn’t taste good but since you already are about to have a cold/cough (or already have one), taste wouldn’t matter that much.

Of course this technique relies on a few premises:

1) Viruses need oxygen to replicate and do their thing (My personal theory is if you starve a virus of oxygen while they’re on a host, they die or at least weaken enough that your body will be able to handle them.)
2) You are eating healthy to improve your immune system
3) You have good lungs and can hold your breath for 30 seconds.
4) Salt can kill most bad microbes
5) You have veggies or green tea available at home.

After doing all this… most likely you’ll feel better and have an easier time of expelling those phlegm…

Thank you for reading. I know. Too long post right?

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