A movie I really want to watch…

All Hail Le Louch!
All Hail Britania!

I always thought Le Louche lives… The makers of Code Geass left a lot of ingenious clues in the TV season, images they’ve shown everywhere, and how they generally acted during interviews and reports…

You have to be really observant and know how to read between the lines as well as watch the original TV series to get it…

Just a guess… maybe C.C.’s real name is…

Carolien ? Which means… Free Woman? A very human name…

BUT, really? After rewatching Code Geass R2, I stumbled upon Marriane (possessing Anya) in episode 20 calling C.C.(C2) “Karen” in reply to being called “Marriane, the Flash”.  Wow! SO C2’s first name is Karen? And they’re both calling each other on first name basis? That means they are close. Hmm…


Karen Vs Kallen

We all know LeLouch chose C2.=) She’s the true Karen.=)

(NOTE: In Japanese the ‘C’ sound is written as “Ka” and the L and R are interchangable as they don’t have a letter ‘L’ perse. So this is one more way to hide C.C.’s real name. The makers of Code Geass were hiding her name in plain sight. The subtitles hid her name by not mentioning it at all. People were misdirected due to other things.)

Please rewatch episode 20 and let me know if I’m correct.^___^

I hope I get a DVD of this movie… “Code Geass: Le Louch of the Re; surrection”. Can’t wait until it gets released. 🙂

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