Union Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands

What is with banks these days? It is like they don’t want to let you check or get your money…

secure1.bpiexpressonline.com is OFFLINE? and they didn’t inform people about it.

And I am also having issues with Union bank customer service…. I have sent like 3 Transaction requests already… Called and talked to useless customer reps and wasted 30 minutes of my time on the phone… I could do a better job than they do…. It is almost 2 weeks since I have had transaction password issues with them and I dread the fact that they may have more problems like this in the future unresolved…

Now the Union bank website is acting up again and not letting me login even with the correct credentials.

Is this a big bank conspiracy that they won’t let users check on their money?

Are they preventing us from sending/receiving money deliberately?

Or are they (customer representatives) simply that incompetent?

Is it the Indian developer’s fault?

What do you think?

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