The Irony of it all

Okay. I find myself in a funny and ironic situation.

Don’t you find it ironic when someone rants about something they don’t like about what other people are doing… and you realize that that same person ranting to you actually does the same to other people?

It is true… the saying “A Thief hates thieves”

You feel like speaking your mind but out of courtesy, say nothing and just listen. It is very ironic. I try to speak my mind and voice my own wisdom but feel like it falls on deaf ears. Still… it is funny.

People will do things the way they want whatever other people say.¬† We all go our own way. Not even seeing ourselves in the process… it is like that WOT saying “A Man is a maze of brambles that even he does not know the way”. So next time listen to what you are thinking and conciously criticize yourself. You are your own worst critic.


Do it and you just might learn something about yourself.:)









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