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Wisdom from experience. Don’t worry, I might be wrong.;p

10 ways to redeem and accept one’s self 1. Be kind to yourself and others. 2. Understand that all people think they are right and that God blesses all without exception. 3. Your world will reflect what you are being … Continue reading

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You are what’s most important!

You are the most important in your life. Your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical development defines who you are. You are the total of all these things. Love yourself and take care of yourself. You are your best resource, friend, … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned:

On cooking: 1. Keep spices dry. 2. Either watch the flames or turn it off if you need to do other things… 3. TASTE YOUR FOOD with a tasting dish… Make sure it tastes good before serving… On Global warming: … Continue reading

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